mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Color electronic paper

E-Ink introduced yesterday a color e-paper :

Brightness is certainly not the best feature of the new tritron film and the number of color is limited at 4096 plus 4 bits of CR bias. It can be easily understood with the following diagram :

Triton achieves color by adding subpixels with color filters above them, providing 16-levels of grayscale for each subpixel that together are capable of displaying 2^12 color, or 4096 color.

Basically the tritron film has four time the density of the monochrome pearl film, and we could see a very high DPI monochrome film in the near future just build a tritron without the color filter! Well we may dream...

mardi 2 novembre 2010

P2P web cache

This is not tested but the idea is great for all small computer centres and small network without a dedicated server: A P2P web cache.

All the workstations can participate and share their web cache :

jeudi 13 mai 2010

Decentralized social network 2

Pure vaporware Diaspora is a project which will replace facebook soon. Or may be not.
The four founders describe the current state of the project as : "We already have a rudimentary prototype of Diaspora running on our machines, and are working like mad to make it all we can be. Our current implementations include GPG encryption, scraping Twitter and Flickr, awesome design aesthetics, and the initial stages of connection infrastructure (“friending” other Diaspora instances)."
Well done guys, I think it's really amazing and at least it's enough for more than 3000 suckers backers to give more than $120 000. Internet is magic, you too can raise give money on kickstarter.

jeudi 29 avril 2010

Decentralizated social network

Movim is a decentralized social network.... in the making. For now not really usable, but one way to take back the ownership of your data.

From the FAQ :

What does MOVIM have that other social networks (Facebook, MySpace...) do not have ?

MOVIM is overall free, that means you can learn how it works and modify it to your needs. This garantee a total transparency on your personnal data managing and the way they are used.
MOVIM is furthermore decentralized, that means your data will be on your computer or on a trusted server, you have the choice !
Its system, composed in "blocks", allows you to customize your MOVIM content according to your desires.

Go and see for yourself!

mercredi 14 avril 2010

Cybercafe in a container

Computer Aid International designed a self contained cyber, powered by solar panels it uses thin clients from N Computing connected to a central server in order to reduce the power consumption.

The all set up seems to be very well designed and functional :

The solar installation uses heavy duty solar batteries :

The installation is really professional. The only optimization left is to convert all the computer and other equipment to DC power to increase the efficiency of the system.

All the details on EWeek.