mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Color electronic paper

E-Ink introduced yesterday a color e-paper :

Brightness is certainly not the best feature of the new tritron film and the number of color is limited at 4096 plus 4 bits of CR bias. It can be easily understood with the following diagram :

Triton achieves color by adding subpixels with color filters above them, providing 16-levels of grayscale for each subpixel that together are capable of displaying 2^12 color, or 4096 color.

Basically the tritron film has four time the density of the monochrome pearl film, and we could see a very high DPI monochrome film in the near future just build a tritron without the color filter! Well we may dream...

mardi 2 novembre 2010

P2P web cache

This is not tested but the idea is great for all small computer centres and small network without a dedicated server: A P2P web cache.

All the workstations can participate and share their web cache :